Scheduling your Social Media Posts in your RevSocial Calendar

Everyone knows that consistency and adhering to a schedule in day to day operations is important for your business.

Well, the same applies to social media marketing.  Implementing and utilizing one centralized calendar for your team members can help keep everything running smoothly.

Social media marketing is all about quality — quantity should not be your goal!  

How often should we post…

Here are some social media posting baselines, to keep in mind when you are trying to decide on your posting frequency to each of your social streams:

Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Pinterest Google +
Minimum 3 X per week 5 X per week 2 X per week 5 X per week 3 X per week
Maximum 8 X per week No max 5 X per week 8 X per week 10 X per week


Keep in mind the above table is not a required posting frequency guide, it is the suggested posting frequencies to help implement your post scheduling plan.

Successful businesses understand that tools like RevSocial are a smart and easy way to schedule content across your social media profiles.  Keeping a 30,000 feet view keeps you posting on a consistent schedule without worrying about micro-managing the delivery times.

Also, being able to monitor your conversations  coupled with gleaning unique trends or issues from your conversations’ analytics; in your RevSocial dashboard allows you to develop more loyal members/customers.

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Can we post directly from the Calendar in RevSocial…

Having an overall view and being able to schedule content from your calendar gives team members the ultimate bird’s-eye-view.   It is extremely helpful to be able to plan your posts around events and important news that you already have placed on your calendar.

Notice in the image below, that you can use the “post something” compose tool in the top of your dashboard or in the individual calendar days when you hover over the day, to the left of the date.  Look for the “New Post” that will appear.  Click on “New Post” and the pop up “Compose A Message” box will appear.

New post scheduling on your RevSocial calendar

Now, let’s see what a posting schedule will look like in your RevSocial calendar:

RevSocial Posting Schedule


As you can see, you have a couple of ways to schedule or post immediately to your social media streams within RevSocial’s dashboard.

My personal preference is to post from the calendar.

Keep your eye out for the next blog, that will show you how to monitor and engage your community from RevSoicial.

Still have questions??  Let us know on our Facebook Page, research it on our blogcontact us or let us know in the comments below and we will respond quickly.

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