How Social Media Marketing helps your business’ Local Marketing strategy

Some business owners’ still think social media is a fad or even worse a buzzword that has no practical advantage for their business. Others feel social media has developed a reputation for being a passing and unprofitable strategy for their business.

However, marketing statistics are illustrating a different picture…

  1. 92% of all marketers indicate that their social media efforts has generated more exposure for their businesses.
  2. 80% of marketers indicate that their social media efforts has increased traffic to their websites.

Successful local business owners know that social media is becoming a prominent local marketing tool — that their potential customers understand and utilize social media daily to engage with their businesses.

If you are still considering placing your business on social media networks — know that you will allow your business to be found by new customers and that social media marketing is a huge opportunity that you must not pass up.

How Social Media Pushes Your Business to Get Local…

Having a local approach to your business’ social media marketing can be time consuming in the beginning but there are quite a few ways that social media is a good option for most business owners:

  • Sharing and posting Relevant Content…

Having a local approach to your social media will help make sure that your content is incredibly relevant to each and every member of your audience.  If there is something going on in the community, share it; if there is something that is news pertinent to your product or services, share it.  Sharing content and making your business a partner to your community helps build trust.

Remember, people see what they want to see and they don’t want to be sold all the time!!!

  • Building stronger connections…

You will be able to make connections with those in your local community, which helps cultivate and improve your relationship with your community, both on and offline.

People will know that they are speaking with someone who is nearby and understands what’s going on in their community, which can be comforting and therefore help your company gain business.

  • It’s easier to offer short coupons and/or promotions…

Running specials and promotions at a certain time of year or even tying them in with community events can be easier to promote,  when you utilize your own social media accounts.  This also goes for any special announcements or upcoming new products.

How you go about creating a local social media approach is something that will take some time, but in the end the benefits are worth it.  It doesn’t cost any extra to create a local approach, just a little bit more organization.

Key takeaways for immediate implementation…

A local social media marketing strategy works for any sized business. You don’t want your strategy to become confusing, yet you want to have enough content to fill up your social media accounts.

  • Make sure that the best minds of your business are included in the initial development of your social media marketing strategy.
  • In order to keep your strategy on track; utilize a cross-channel marketing platform like RevSocial that allows you to give permission based access to those team members who will be helping your business manage its social media accounts.
  • Usually businesses implement their strategy with Facebook,Twitter, and Google+.  Instagram, Linkedin & Pinterest can play a role in your business’ marketing strategy as well.
  • Yelp and TripAdvisor are very popular local review sites which will help you grow your local awareness and also grow your visibility in local mobile searches.  .
  • Place your social media buttons for each social account in a prevalent place on your webpages. Let the public know how they can join your social media communities and they will.

Let us know if you have any other techniques that helps drive your local marketing.

Still have questions??  Let us know on our Facebook Page, research it on our blogcontact us or let us know in the comments below and we will respond quickly.

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