How Can Social Media Help Me Grow My Customer Base?

Social media is an excellent marketing tool, that when utilized properly, will allow you to grow your online community and customer base.

Engaging through your social media streams, your business will be able to nurture conversations that encourages feedback and develops brand loyalty.

Better online communities = Higher Customer LTV (Life-Time Value)

Here are 4 tips to Keep Your Social Media Messaging On Point:

  1. Create brand ambassadors.
    Nobody is better suited to tell everyone about the greatness of your business than your satisfied customers. Take the time to create and cultivate a culture where your fans share experiences with your company, products or services and get them to recommend your business to other people they know.
  2. Listen to your community.
    By listening to your community you can discover problems or issues your clients are having. Knowing these issues from their onset, your business can react appropriately and in a timely manner.    Ideally, you would be able to correct the problem before it becomes a major issue.
  3. Learn from your community.
    When you create an engaged community you can identify what customers need and want from your business. Once you identify these needs and wants, your business can introduce features, products or services that better fit the needs of your customers.
  4. Communicate with consistent messages
    Conversations on a social media platform opens up additional avenues to communicate with your current and prospective customers. These new prospects will be able to hear your marketing messages for the first time while learning about your brand and services.

What Now…
Breaking down and implementing these 4 tips individually, you should focus on cultivating and refining your company’s messaging to increase your community’s interactions.  Social media marketing has a place in your company’s overall marketing strategy, you just need to understand how and where it fits in.

Let us know how you use social media in your business’ overall marketing strategy below.

Looking to Develop Your Social Media Strategy for your business…?  Check out “7 Steps to Developing a Social Media Strategy“.

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