How RevSocial Builds and Organizes your Contacts

Building, Organizing and Engaging with your Contacts is Imperative to Your Growth

Business owners and marketers are always trying to gain more contacts, that they can nurture into paying customers.

The following article will help you understand RevSocial’s contact management features.

  1. How to build your contact lists
  2. Keep People organized with Segments/Tags

How to Build Your Contact Lists

RevSocial was developed to be your all-in-one online marketing platform.  With social media posting, in-depth analytics, contact management and marketing contest apps you are able to utilize multiple data points to constantly grow your contacts’ behavior profile.

Take Control of Your Contacts

With all of the different communication channels we have these days, from email to social, even good old fashioned conversations in person, it can become overwhelming to keep your facts straight when it comes to who you know, let alone what you know about them.

In order to grow your business and achieve better customer support you must have your customer data organized in an efficient way.

  1. Schedule Social Media Posts from RevSocialEngage with your Social Media Communities
    An engaged social media community must become integral to your success online. As a business the reason you join social networks is to create awareness about your company. Remember, your social media community will not be comprised of just prospective buyers. It will also be full of potential ambassadors—these people will spread your message beyond your reach to their networks. So keep your message broad DO NOT just SELL-SELL-SELL!!!

    Check out How Can Social Media Help Me To Build My Customer Base.

  2. Utilize RevSocial’s Form Builder
    Forms are a simple and effective way for visitors to your website and web pages to share their contact information with you. People who seek you out tend to be the most motivated to buy, so don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity for highly-effective lead generation and lead conversion.Forms can be shown to your visitors either: in-page (see our contact page), automatic pop-up (check out a clients’ site) or a click-triggered-pop-up (click on “Get Invite” at top right of this page).

    Check out How to Build a Form in Revsocial to learn more about this feature.

  3. Contact Management by SegmentingSegmenting Your Profiles
    As a business owner you know that you can gain a competitive edge by focusing your marketing efforts on specific segments of the market instead of trying to appeal to everyone. At RevSocial, we help you gain that edge by helping you to understand and place your visitors into custom segments with the purpose of understanding their needs.

Remember, keeping your contacts organized helps you see the action you need to take and lets you work with groups of contacts who share similar interests which will save you time.

Your marketing campaign results’ will be increased using highly segmented data and advanced data on your contacts browsing, interaction and purchase behaviors just to name a few.

Have any questions???  Let us know on our Facebook Page, research it on our blogcontact us or let us know in the comments below and we will respond quickly.

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