7 Steps to Developing a Social Media Strategy

While many businesses have social media profiles, many of those same businesses are not engaging with their community nor are they meeting their social media goals.

With some planning and strategizing, your business will be able to use social media effectively.

Step 1: Build a Team

There is no “I” in team, especially in your business’ social media strategy.

Social media impacts all corners of your company. Thus, the first step in the process is to create a cross-functional team to help create and manage the rest of your strategy.

Step 2: Listen to understand…

It’s old news but to get more from your social media strategy, you need to listen more — to gain more insight.

Even though it is often ignored, broadening your social media listening beyond the customers of your own brand is important — your competitor and their customers can give you good insights into where and how you should participate in social media.

Step 3: What’s my Point?

Yes, social media can help accomplish several business objectives.

But…. Remember the best social media strategies have focus

Awareness? Sales? Loyalty and retention? Pick one. (atleast in the beginning)

Step 4: What is my measurement for success?

What determines whether social media is actually making a difference in your business? What metric(s) constitute a success when you are evaluating your business’ social media strategy effectiveness?

Hopefully, you are trying to grow beyond likes and engagement?

Concrete metrics are the best… increase website page views from social media posts…

Check out: How Do I Measure Success with Social Media Marketing

Step 5: Analyze Your Audiences

Whom will your business be interacting with in social media?

Determine the demographics or characteristics of your target audience.  Knowing whom you want to talk to will impact your conversations in your social media postings.  Does your audience share, enter contests, etc…  What makes them interact?

The more you know about your audience, the easier it will be to engage with them on social media and all the while ensuring that you get the results you’re looking for.

Step 6: What’s Your Business known for?

Target 3 or 4 main topics that you want to get out to your community and their friends.

These topics are the things that you are known for… “the problems that you are solving”.

A customer stays a customer because you talk to their heart not their head. 

Disney is about magic. Apple is about innovation. What are you about?

Step 7: Talk in your chosen Social Networks Language…

Only after you know why you’re active in social media and how you’ll measure social media strategy success — should you turn your attention to  interacting with your community in Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and the rest of the social media platforms out there.


Plan ahead and your business can successfully utilize social media to achieve your business objectives.  You will also be able to ensure your time spent on social media not only reinforces your business’ messaging but also yields measurable results.

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