8 Reasons Why Facebook is right for Real Estate Agents

Is Facebook right for Real Estate agents?

From day one agents are taught that generating new and continuous leads is imperative to their continued growth and a customer centric approach will help you achieve this goal.

Customer Centric as defined by dictionary.com

placing the customer at the center of a company’s marketing effort, focusing on customers rather than sales.

Many agents understand that social media is popular but they do not understand the proper way to engage and create conversation within their community.

Not only do we encourage all real estate agents to create a business page but it should also be separate from their personal Facebook account.

Here are 8 reasons why Facebook will be right for your brand:

  1. Focus your conversations on your buyers’ lifecycle.  Narrow down your postings to information that will have specific interest to your real estate community.
  2. Become the expert in your area.  Post about topics or questions that you are often asked, then link link to your own site or other sites that answer those questions.
  3. Grows Your Cummunity.  By posting to Facebook, your real estate listings have the potential to be seen by the growing the number of people who are interacting daily on Facebook.  Here is a good example of a real estate Facebook page that broadens their reach, engages their clients and post their listings for added exposure.
  4. Promotes your personal brand. Upload an awesome photo that introduces a top property or an image synonymous with your area as the cover photo.  Place your logo or personal photo in the profile image area.  Be sure to link to your real estate website.
  5. Increases traffic to your website. Invite your Facebook fans to visit your real estate website or blog;  to read relevant articles, to check out local information, and more.  Lead fans to your site so they start using it.
  6. Great marketing tool to nuture conversations.  Use your business page on Facebook to promote your experience, your listings, sold listings, your awards, accolades, etc.
    Directly interact with your community and target your specific audience.
  7. “Get to know your community”.   Generate discussion by asking questions that generate conversations and interactions.
  8. Run Contests.  Use your Facebook page to run a contest…  Enter to Win a dinner on <your brand> or if you have a favorite local furniture store or service company offer someone a way to win a gift certificate.  Not only are you generating buzz around your Facebook page but you are paying it forward by sharing love for local businesses, you direct traffic and visitors to your site and you get another lead to market in the meantime!!

Creating a Facebook page for your brand is a good way to reach a bigger audience and it has the potential to attract new clients.  It is easy to maintain, and it will help generate more website views.

Get started now on how to create a Facebook business page and you will be on your way to expanding your real estate reach.

Share your thoughts on how you use Facebook to promote your brand?

Still have questions??  Let us know on our Facebook Page, research it on our blogcontact us or let us know in the comments below and we will respond quickly.

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